Speaking At UVU On White Hat & Black Hat SEO

For those based here in Utah and are interested in SEO, Ash Buckles and I are going to be speaking at UVU on Thursday @ 11:30 am discussing white hat and black hat SEO. This mini-conference is being hosted by Utah Valley University’s Center for the Study of Ethics and its College of Technology & Computing, you can read the press release here.

Ash will be the keynote speaker and I will be on an expert panel that includes Arlen Card, a UVU professor in digital media; Aaron Willis, a UVU professor in information systems and technology; and Elaine Englehardt, a UVU distinguished professor of ethics.

We are both very excited to get out and address the community on this particular topic. If you are interested in coming, the event is free of charge and will be happening at the UVU Library’s fourth-floor Lakeview room.