UVEF (Utah Venture Entrepreneur Forum) Awards

2014 was a killer year for Stryde. We grew significantly, brought on some big name clients, were featured in Utah Valley Business Q Magazine, and won some local awards.

Here are two of the awards that we won in December.

Hot 100 Award

UVEF’s Hot 100 Award, sponsored by EPIC Ventures, recognizes the 100 most buzzed about companies in Utah under 5 years old. This list was composed by 2/3 of public voting and 1/3 from internal UVEF voting. There is no correlation between the position of the names on the list and the results from the voting.

We ended up quite high on the list.

Peak 100 Award

The Peak 100 award, sponsored by Peak Ventures, was created by UVEF to identify and recognize entrepreneurs with Utah ties that are most likely to favorably impact the community.  Members of the Peak 100 become part of an ongoing community that fosters collaboration in building and growing companies.

Somehow I managed to make the list and ended up with a fair number of votes. Good entrepreneurs are usually backed by a killer team, as is the case with me and Stryde. Couldn’t have done this without them!