SEO Will Never, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever Die!

I’ll tell ya what, I am sick and tired of hearing SEO is dead, or SEO is dying. Today, I was following a thread on OpenForum where a business owner was discussing this very topic and it just made my angry… hence here’s my post about it 🙂

My definition of SEO is very simple, SEO is the process of optimizing a web page to become more relevant for keyword themes or topics and gain more visibility in the search engines. This includes keyword research, competitive analysis, technical SEO analysis, and web page optimization for both the search engines as well as users. That’s it… that is SEO and I don’t see how that will ever die.

Now, you’re probably thinking, what about link building? Social sharing? Those are a part of SEO. I disagree. Link building, social sharing, content promotion, etc are all a part of website promotion, which has absolutely nothing to do with the physical optimization of a web page for users and the search engines. Yes, it supports your SEO, however, it, in and of itself, is not SEO. Sorry to burst your bubble.

So here you go… I’ll leave you with this image from Moz… the perfectly optimized web page. Study this, know it like the back of your hand, and execute this on every page of your website. That my friends is SEO. You’re welcome!

optimized web page

We’re Giving Away Small Business SEO Services!

Over the last five years, has been primarily focused on acquiring and servicing enterprise level clients. Some of the bigger clients we currently work with include,, Mrs. Fields, and DR Horton.

Toward the end of 2011, we started entertaining the idea of building a service that was tailored specifically to small and medium businesses and in January of this year, we brought in Director of SEO, Bryan Phelps (formerly at Orange Soda) and launched it!

So I ask the question, if you are a small or medium sized business, what would it mean to your business to show up here?

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How about here?

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For most businesses, showing up in either of these places means a ton more revenue added to their bottom line year-over-year.

With the launch of our small and medium business SEO packages, we’ve decided to celebrate small businesses and give away six months of services to a few lucky ones.

If you’d like to participate, then please visit the giveaway page by clicking here.